If you have any questions about volunteering or would like to put a group together from your company and/or organization, please contact shmvolunteers@gmail.com.
Volunteer Opportunities Descriptions:

Group Volunteers: Are you with a company or organization where you think you could get a group of 5 or more people together to volunteer? We would love to have you to join in the fun and help our runners. Just let our volunteer coordinator where you and your team would have the most fun, and we will do our best to get you the assignment you want.

Packet Pick-Up: What’s a race without a bib number? You and many other volunteers will be talking to all the runners while finding their bibs, giving them their give-a-way items, and answering any questions they may have. We have packet pick-up for three days at Fleet Feet in East Syracuse and on race day in the OnCenter.

Race Info Room: Help the Volunteer Coordinator and runners. Helping runners get geared up and ready to run 13.1 miles.

Super Volunteer: You are a person that is willing to do whatever we need on race day. So, we highly recommend coming prepared to work either in the OnCenter or on the race course.

Refreshments: Running a 13.1 mile race takes a lot of energy and runners need to put those calories back into their bodies right away. We need people to be ticket takers for their hot meals, people to help set-up and keep food and drink stations stocked, and clean-up after the Expo concludes.

Aid Stations: A much better version of a water stop. You will be cheering on runners, passing out drinks, and passing out small snacks to the runners. Once the final runner has passed your station, its time to clean up so we can leave the area as neat as we found it.

Gear Check: Runners usually drop off a bag of stuff for after the race. You and the other volunteers will be responsible for collecting the bags, putting the person’s bib number on the bag (if not already there), and keeping it organized in the room. As runners finish, people will come back to collect their bags. It is your job to ensure that people receive the correct bag when they leave.

Clean Up Crew: After the race, the OnCenter needs to be cleaned and our trucks reloaded. So this would be taking down signs, loading equipment into trucks, and breaking down the Race Info and Gear Check rooms.  You can come early and cheer for runners as they cross the finish line or even play with the animals that will be up for adoption.

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2019 Date Released

The 2019 Syracuse Half Marathon, Presented by Byrne Dairy, is excited to announce its date of November 10th!

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