Full Race Information

Welcome to the 2018 Syracuse Half Marathon

            Thank you for your participation in the SOLD OUT 2018 Fall Syracuse Half Marathon!  This is the 7th edition of the Syracuse Half Marathon and first to be run in the fall!  The continued development and growing events schedule in downtown Syracuse forced us to move the race to the fall and we could not be more excited about the opportunities it presents!

As you’ve probably heard by now, new this year, Byrne Dairy has been brought on board as presenting sponsor.  As a locally grown family run company Byrne Dairy represents everything that’s great about living in Central New York.  Not to mention, their amazing post race recovery Chocolate Milk! Without their support we could not provide a first class event!

            Our goal is to organize a world-class event in Syracuse in order to highlight some of the great things the city has to offer.  The Syracuse Half Marathon has become one of the most well regarded races of its kind and includes participants representing half of the US States and Washington, D.C., Canada and as far away as India and Peru!  This is a tribute to Syracuse becoming a destination people want to see and experience and a race that people want to be a part of!

Visitors from near and far will run a course that provides an opportunity to see many of the greatest historical sites and neighborhoods!  Make sure to look up and around as you run, you’ll be amazed by what you see and the history you’re surrounded by! The race starts at the Onondaga County War Memorial and passing by Firefighters Memorial Park on State St.  Turning up tree lined James Street and the Mansions that line the streets.  At the top of the hill, you’ll turn right into Eastwood, which proudly and rightfully calls itself “the village within the City”.  After a couple miles through Eastwood, you’ll turn right onto Grant Blvd along Woodlawn Cemetery, which was established in 1881 and is the final resting place of several Civil War heroes.  Continuing on Grant Blvd you’ll pass by an institution in Leigh & Steigerwald, a family owned deli and butcher since 1936.  Turning left off Grant Blvd into Washington Square you’ll be surrounded by a neighborhood of historical homes, some of which you can find on the National Historic Register.  Coming down the hill into the Inner Harbor and weaving your way over and by the Creekwalk and Franklin Square before re-entering downtown!  Be careful at this point because you’ll be running by a world-renowned restaurant in Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and may be tempted to stop for some ribs and cornbread!  It smells oh so good!   If you make it past Dino, you’ll come by Clinton Square and down Jefferson Ave and by Armory Square!  By mile 12 you’ll be heading North along South Salina St, passing by the newly renovated Syracuse Marriott Downtown, the Landmark Theatre and finally getting ready for your last kick to the finish!  After a couple turns downtown you’ll finish in the same place you started alongside the Onondaga County Ware Memorial!  Congratulations!!!

We will work tirelessly to ensure you have a great experience in and around Syracuse.  Whether this is your first half marathon or one of many we hope you enjoy it and all that Syracuse has to offer!

Thank you for your support!  Run well!

Packet Pick Up:

We highly encourage you to pick up your packet during the week!  The last thing you want to worry about or think about is having to get your bib on race morning!

As in previous years, packet pick up prior to race day will be at Fleet Feet Sports Syracuse, which is located at:

5800 Bridge Street

East Syracuse, NY   13057

Week of Race:

Thursday, November 8            2:00 pm       to         7:00 pm

Friday, November 9                11:00 am        to         7:00 pm

Saturday, November 10        10:00 am        to         5:00 pm

Race Day:

Sunday, November 11 – 6:00 am to 7:15 am

Race day pick up will be located on the LOWER LEVEL of the OnCenter in the RACE INFO room.

Due to the volume of people coming to Fleet Feet Syracuse, please be aware of the traffic control staff in the parking lot.  The congestion should be eased with their help!

Note that participants must take jacket size that they indicated during registration. If you wish to change your size, you must do so after the race starts in the RACE INFO room or at the “post race packet pick up” – see below for post race pick up info.

Event Day Parking:

If you’re from Central New York and have visited downtown before you know it can be tough to get around so we’ve created this map to help ease your mind about driving downtown.  In an attempt to ease congestion around downtown and the OnCenter race morning we have developed a comprehensive parking plan with multiple ways to make it as easy as possible for you to get to the race.

Here are general parking tips:

  1. Street parking in the city is free on Sunday.
  2. There are several parking lots and garages near the OnCenter (see map below).
  3. Lots will fill up quickly so get to the race early so you can get your mind focused on running 13.1 miles!
  4. There are plenty of spaces available in downtown to accommodate participants but as a backup option there will be a free shuttle service from the Destiny USA parking lots on Solar St. This is a free option and  the shuttle will drop you off at the OnCenter on Montgomery St.
  5. Do NOT use your GPS to navigate downtown. There will be street closures that navigation apps will not recognize!  You’re best off following our directions.
  6. See the parking map for downtown options. Keep in mind, some of the lots are free, while others will charge for parking.  On the driving directions and parking lot map we provide the following charges apply:

Lot 1 – OnCenter Surface lot – FREE – first come, first served

Lot 2 – OnCenter Parking Garage – FREE – first come, first served

Lot 3 – Montgomery & Adams – FREE – first come, first served

Lot 4 – Harrison Garage/Marriott Hotel – $5, cash or credit

Lot 5 – AXA Garage (Montgomery & Harrison) – $5, cash or credit

There will be parking staff and Syracuse police officers assisting to direct traffic to available lots.

Shuttle Service – 574 Solar St, Syracuse, NY:

The Destiny USA parking lot shuttle will operate as follows:


First shuttle – 5:30 am

Last shuttle – 7:00 am

574 Solar St, Syracuse, NY

Please note that if there is a line or congestion in the shuttle lots, feel free to drive the 2.4 miles to the Oncenter (800 South State St, Syracuse) – there is plenty of parking between the two locations.

Post race:

Available from Harrison and Montgomery beginning at 9:30 at the corner of Montgomery / Harrison. These buses will return you to the Destiny USA lots.

Tops Friendly Markets Post Race Party Expo and OnCenter:

            We are very fortunate to have such a great venue to host the expo and pre/post race events.  The OnCenter has been a great partner in providing their facilities for all participants and fans to get ready before the race and recover afterward.

Main Level Exhibit Hall:

  • Awards Stage
  • Merchandise
  • Seating
  • Vendors and Sponsor booths
  • Beer (Post Race – 10am pouring time)
  • Hot and Cold Food (Post Race)
  • General Seating

Lower Level:

  • General Seating
  • Hot and Cold Food (Post Race)
  • Race Info Office
  • Bag Drop
  • Women’s Only Changing area
  • Charity Booths

** ID Check for beer begins at 6am if you want to avoid any lines getting post race brews**

Oncenter Restrooms: There will be plenty of restrooms available inside the Oncenter in Exhibit Hall B, Exhibit Hall A, and downstairs. There will also be plenty of porta potties near the start line. If you notice a line forming at a restroom, another one will probably be open! Oncenter staff will be monitoring each location and restocking toilet paper and cleaning throughout the morning.

  • WOMEN ONLY changing rooms will be located downstairs in a secure area by race info and bag check. Please do not change in the restroom


Pre-and Post-Race Food: Before or after the race, make sure you stop by to see some of our sponsors and other local races. Once you finish, head back inside the Oncenter for the TOPS Post-Race Party and a hot pancake breakfast. Here you can also enjoy the music of Junk Yard Field Trip! Menu for runners includes:

  • Pancakes (3 each)
  • Bacon and Sausage (2 total)
  • Chocolate Milk (Byrne Dairy)
  • Yogurt (Byrne Dairy)
  • Pizza from Gino & Joe’s
  • Bagels / Cream Cheese
  • Cookies (Keebler)
  • Fresh Fruit (Apples & Bananas)
  • Kool Aid Juice Boxes
  • Granola Bars
  • Gatorade
  • Water (Aquafina)
  • Monster Energy Drinks
  • Soda (Pepsi Products)

Spectator Food: Non-runners may purchase a hot food and beer tickets in the RACE INFO room for $10.00 (cash only).


Dunkin Donuts will be located outside of the Oncenter on State Street

Believe it or not, one of the hardest parts of our event (besides maintaining the safety of runners at 210 intersections) is securing coffee for ALL of our participants. This is because it’s very difficult to find 100,000+ ounces of hot water in one location to be drunk in a very short period of time. This year we have done it… they call her “The Great One.” She’s 36′ long, 14′ tall, 9′ wide and weighs 40,000 pounds! Haling from Connecticut, Dunkin’ Donuts will have her outside the Oncenter to fill you all up with coffee at no charge!

*New in 2018*

Join us in the lobby of the Oncenter at 7:09am sharp for a unique warm-up experience that you won’t forget!

Courtesy of Burn Kickboxing, North Syracuse, NY

The Course

120+ first responders (police, EMT’s, medical staff)

2,000 cones

60 detour routes

7 aid stations

400+ volunteers

We haven’t made any changes to the course, so if you participated in the past then you’ll have no problem navigating it! Below is a course map with mile markers and aid stations.


Start 800 S. State St
Turn Right (NE) onto James St
Turn Right (SE) onto Shotwell Park
Turn Left (E) onto Sunnycrest Rd
Turn Left (N) onto S. Edwards Ave
Turn Left (W) onto Coughlin Ave
Turn Left (S) onto Fobes Ave
Turn Right (W) onto Arnett St
Continue onto Eastwood Rd
Turn Right (NW) onto Grant Blvd
Turn Right (N) onto Darlington Rd

Turn Left (W) onto Briggs St

Turn Left (S) onto Wadsworth St

Turn Right (W) onto Grant Blvd

Turn Left (SW) onto Danforth St

Turn Right (NW) onto Alvord St

Turn Left (SW) onto Court St

Continue onto W. Kirkpatrick St

Turn Left (E) onto Spencer St

Turn Right (SE) onto Maltbie St

Turn Left (E) onto Evans St

Turn Left (NE) onto Plum St

Turn Right (SE) onto N. Franklin St

Turn Left (W) onto West Genesee St
Turn Right (S) onto S. Clinton St
Turn Left (E) onto Tallman St 

Turn Left (N) onto S. Salina St

Turn Right (E) onto E. Water St
Turn Right (S) onto S. State St

Course Restrooms: Porta Potties will be located at all aid stations. Each set of porta potties will be placed slightly (100 – 200ft) PAST each aid station.

Aid Stations & Medical Support: There will be seven (7) aid stations on the course. These are located approximately every 2 miles. Each aid station will have Gatorade and water. Aid stations 3, 4, 5, & 6 will have GU energy gels (Lemon Lime Sublime, Espresso Love, and Roctane Chocolate Raspberry). We do ask that you help us keep this course clean and put your trash in the trash can and trash bags at the aid stations if possible.


AMR (Rural Metro – EMT) will have ambulances in several locations throughout the course. If you find yourself injured, please tell one of our volunteers.  They will have a member of our medical team assist you. There is also an area inside the Oncenter that will be staffed by EMT’s from AMR. If assistance is needed, look for the large medical signs when you walk through the front doors.

Sag Vehicle: We will have a First Student school bus following the last runner if anyone needs to drop out.


Results: Live results will be posted at www.leonetiming.com. Following the race, please check their website for your official time and place. You may also visit our results computer kiosk stations location in Exhibit Hall B.

Awards Ceremony: At 10:15am, we will present donation checks to the Shamrock Animal Fund (www.shamrockanimalfund.com), Priscilla Mahar Animal Foundation (www.pmawf.org), Wanderers Rest (www.wanderersrest.org), and Pibbles and More Animal Rescue (www.pmarinc.org). Following this presentation, we will be presenting awards for the top 3 overall in each gender. AGE GROUP AWARD winners can pick up their award beginning at 10:00 at the tables near the main stage.

Winning Team Award

Video Boards: Immediately following your amazing 13.1 mile tour of Syracuse, come inside and get your picture taken with your name and time in front of our large video boards.

Runner Tracking: Have your friends or family track you at the 5k, 10k, 15k, and finish via facebook, text message, twitter, or email here:


Rules: – Not the fun stuff but here to ensure everyone has the safest and most enjoyable experience!

  1. Cut off time of 3:15min (15 min miles). If runners fall below 15 minute pace, they may be asked to use the sidewalk and obey all traffic regulations. The finish line will remain open for 4 hours and you will receive a medal when you cross.
  2. The downtown Syracuse area will begin opening at 10:30am. This area begins on Franklin St by Dinosaur BBQ. If you’re arriving to this area later than 10:30am, you’ll be kindly asked to use the sidewalk for your own safety.


  1. We discourage the use of headphones.
  1. Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs or other pets to run with their humans!
  1. Strollers are not allowed. With so many people on the course, it would not be safe for anyone.
  1. Be courteous of fellow runners and encourage them. Even though you’re running next to someone, you don’t know how bumpy the road was that they took to get there!

Finish Line:

            Congratulations!  You’ve crossed the finish line and you’ll be met first by the best race volunteers in Central New York!  The first rule of crossing the finish line is DON’T STOP!  There are likely some people running behind you and we don’t want anyone to get run over by a sprint to the finish.  We know you’re exhausted but keep moving, it’s really the best thing for you!  Beside, you have a party to get to!  Volunteers will be among the first to congratulate you and put a medal around your neck.  Next you’ll be able to immediately begin your recovery, we’ll be handing out water as you make your way towards the OnCenter for the post race party.  Once inside, you’ll be able to chow down and rehydrate, as well as meet up with the fans that supported you along the course.


We have become quite well known for our medals and this one is certainly a treat!  The 2018 designed with style and class in mind.  Along with a quote which epitomizes your accomplishment, also inscribed on the medal is the Syracuse skyline.  Wear it proudly because you’ve earned every bit of it!


During your tour of Syracuse you may notice some photographers taking your picture!  Photos for purchase will be provided by Trent Wellott Photography. you’ll be sent an e-mail after the race.


Make sure that your bib is clearly visible during the race so we can get all your pictures to you!

Apparel & Merchandise Purchases:

 CNY Racing will be inside the Oncenter selling official Syracuse Half Marathon gear! They accept credit card, cash, or check.

Post Race:

            Once the endorphins have worn off, the race is over, and you’re hobbling around the office answering questions from your co-workers about why you’re walking funny, you may start thinking about your next race or have general questions.  Here are answers to some of them:

  1. Where can I receive an extra or buddy medal? After 11:30am, you’re welcome to grab an extra medal in the RACE INFO room. These will also be available at the post race packet pick up on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at fleet Feet Sports Syracuse from 4pm – 7pm.
  1. Where can I find results or age group awards?


  1. Can I have an award, jacket or medal shipped to me? Unfortunately, we do not ship any items. We offer five (5) days of pick up and can arrange local pick up after the race.
  1. Can I pay to have items shipped? Unfortunately, we do not ship any items. We offer five (5) days of pick up and can arrange local pick up after the race.
  1. I live out of town, can you ship my items? Unfortunately, we do not ship any items. We offer five (5) days of pick up and can arrange local pick up after the race.
  1. I was sick on race weekend, can I have my ite.…… Unfortunately, we do not ship any items. We offer five (5) days of pick up and can arrange local pick up after the race ?

Post-Race Packet Pick Up

If you need to pick up your packet, swap a jacket size, grab an extra medal or just come say hi in person, we’ll be at Fleet Feet Sports Syracuse on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 from 4pm – 7pm.acket pick-up” at Fleet Feet in East Syracuse oy, 3rdth from 4 can pick –up your hoodie here if you

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you!

-Syracuse Half Race Committee

USATF Niagara Championship Rules

The 2018 Syracuse Half Marathon will host the 2018 USATF Niagara Association Open   & Masters Half Marathon Championships. Additionally, the Syracuse Half Marathon will be a part of the 2018 USATF Niagara Runner of The Year Series. For more information please visit  http://niagara.usatf.org.

The top 3 finishers of the Syracuse Half Marathon who are USATF Niagara members are eligible for cash awards. To be eligible for an USATF Niagara award or to score in the USATF Niagara Runner Of The Year Series you must be a current 2018 USATF Niagara Member.    https://www.usatf.org/membership/application/index.asp

Open Men/Women
1st $500
2nd $350
3rd $150

Age – Group Awards

Team Awards Include:

1 team entry into the Peak To Brew Relay Experience ($1,320)


 Age group awards will be based on chip/net time.
There will be awards for the top 3 males and females overall and in the following age groups:
20 and under, 21-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-79, 80+

Finisher Medals

*All finishers will receive a commemorative medal at the finish line.*

Event Registration

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2019 Date Released

The 2019 Syracuse Half Marathon, Presented by Byrne Dairy, is excited to announce its date of November 10th!

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