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10 Club

We are proud to announce the formation of our first "10 Club!" These members are recognized for being with us since year #1. We hope to see them for many more!
  1. Lisa Crockford
  2. Karen Davis
  3. Michele Scardetta
  4. Lorie Ann Voight
  5. Chris Hahn
  6. Patti Bennett
  7. Dennis Sauve
  8. Heidi Ratliff
  9. Dana Lyon
  10. Susan Allington
  11. Emily Paccia
  12. Tami Stone
  13. Travis Behm
  14.  Marie Farone

We have decided to highlight a few of selected members of this group here:


Susan Allington

Q. Where are you from? I grew up in Liverpool and have lived in North Syracuse for 25 years. 

Q. How long have you been running? I have been running for approximately 15 years. 

Q. Tell us your favorite race memory!

So many favorites!! My first half and full marathons are toward the top and the first time I ran a sub 30 minute 5k. But the blizzard during the 2016 race will never be forgotten. At mile six I was ready to quit, but I didn’t. Like everyone who pushed through the snow and whiteout conditions, I persevered and finished the race. It was one of those races that tested one’s strength and discipline to finish. And who doesn’t like a good story!!! 

Q. Tell us why you keep coming back!

I keep coming back to run the Syracuse Half because it’s a great race!! The course is wonderfully challenging, supports worthwhile charities, the indoor accommodations before and after the race (bacon), and it has amazing energy!!! 

Q. Future running goals? 

I want to do so much!!! I want to do more travel races and see the world through running. Maybe the six majors??? The Chicago marathon (‘23) will be my first. Mostly, I want to continue to share running with the amazing people who make running so enjoyable. The Syracuse running community is beyond welcoming and accepts runners of all abilities. 

Q. Best running accomplishment? 

Simply, that I continue even when I hate it, even when it’s hard, even when I’ve wanted to give up, even when it’s uphill. Every run is an accomplishment. Every run is another step into a better me, a stronger me.

Q Anything else you would like us to list on the website - brag about yourself! 

I have proudly coached with the Fleet Feet Syracuse No Boundaries program for many years. I started running with NOBO and never stopped. I love giving back and helping others find the joy and freedom running gives me. Running not only helps one become more physically healthy, but supports mental and emotional health, as well. Seeing others meet, and surpass!, the goals they have made for themselves is an honor. 



Emily Paccia


Q. Where are you from?

I am from south of Syracuse (Tully area).

Q. When did you start running? 

I started running officially in high school, but my dad has coached for over 40 years.  Running is in the family. 

Q. What race memory is your favorite? 

The blizzard race is a favorite memory of mine. I remember running next to my sister (my training partner), getting to mile 7, looking up the road at a wall of white snow. The runners ahead of us were disappearing into it. We looked at each other, smiled, bowed our heads down, and ran into the wall. It was awesome! 

Q. What makes you keep coming back?

This race knows runners. The course is perfect: tough when it needs to be and breaks when our legs are tired. The water stations and volunteers are perfectly placed and so supportive. Leone timing and the whole crew is awesome! My XC and Track teams have volunteered at the finish line for a number of years and just love the support of the running community that truly shows through this race. 

Q. Future Running Plans? 

I’ve got the Mountain Goat and the Old Forge Marathon on my future running calendar so far, but I would love to continue to run at least one full marathon a year (maybe even go overseas and run a European marathon). 

I just hope I keep being part of the Syracuse 1/2 family through running the race, volunteering at the finish line, and singing the National Anthem.  I am also approaching my 9th marathon (I was able to do two virtually during covid…not an easy thing to plan those courses). I do a lot of juggling to fit in my training between my teaching, coaching, and taking care of family things.

Q. What would you say that your best running accomplishment is?

My best running accomplishment happened when I placed 3rd for women in a small and beautiful marathon near Cooperstown. I was so close to breaking 4:00 with a PR by over 20 minutes.



Heidi Ratliff

Q. Where are you from?

I’m a lifetime Syracuse resident except for a couple years in New Orleans. 

Q. How long have you been running?

My first race ever was the Swamp Rat 5k back in June 2009. I just ran across (no pun intended) the picture I took after the race. I worked my way up to 10k’ and eventually 1/2 marathons to Marathon. 

When they announced the Syracuse 1/2 in 2013, I thought, why not, I don’t think I can say I did an inaugural anything, until this race.  I was so excited. The Oncenter is a great place to start and have the after party. It’s definitely a family venue. 

Q. What makes you keep coming back?

The course has changed a bit over the years,  the weather has certainly never been the same over the years and that adds to the fun of it.  I think we can all agree that April 3, 2016 was the most epic and I am always happy to have been a part of the history. This race has become one of Syracuse’s premier events with a celebration that expands over 13.1 miles and numerous neighborhoods. 

I’ve PR’d on the Syracuse 1/2 course,  I’ve taken over 3 hours on the course, every day is different, every run is different, I’ll keep doing it for as long as everything still works. 



Chris Hahn

Q. Where are you from?


Q. How long have you been running?
18 years - Starting running in May 2005 after quitting smoking a carton a week for over a decade, then my first marathon in May 2008 in Burlington, VT

Q. Favorite running memory?

Running a 5K on the race track at  Watkins Glen Speedway for the Phish “Superball Festival” on my birthday in 2011

Q. What makes you keep coming back?

This is one of my favorite races, it’s a great course throughout the city, very well organized and always has a great turnout!

Q. Future running plans?

Run the Boston Marathon 



Lisa Crockford

Q. Where are you from?

 Sterling, NY

Q. How long have you been running?

I've been running for about 15 years.  

Q. Favorite race memory?

My favorite race memory is probably the snowstorm in 2016. It definitely was an unforgettable experience. I ended catching up with a friend and kept her company from about mile 3 to the finish line.

Q. Why do you keep coming back?

I keep coming back, because the race atmosphere is awesome for this race and it's good motivation to run through the winter.  

Q. Future running plans?

My future running goals are to just keep running and have fun while doing that. 



Patti Bennett


Q. Where are you from?

Born and raised in North Syracuse

Q. How long have you been running?

Started running at running for 15 years.  I am a former smoker who quit when I was 36, lost over 100 pounds and started running...I am a 2x Ironman finisher so it's never too late to start!

Q. Tell us your favorite race memory

Honestly my favorite race memory is the Syracuse Half epic snowstorm run...

Q. Tell us why you keep coming back

I love to run in the City of Syracuse and this is the only race that we can do that!!

Q. Future running goals?

My future running goal is to be able to compete another marathon for my 60th birthday!!

Q. Best running accomplishment?

Honestly I consider every race I finish an accomplishment! 

Dana Lyon


 Q. Where are you from?
 Martville NY

Q. How long have you been running?
 I’ve been running races since 2012 and running for exercise since 1999

Q. Tell us your favorite race memory.
 May not be may favorite but it’s the most memorable. Running the 2016 Syracuse Half with ice balls hanging from my eyelashes. 

Q. Tell us why you keep coming back.
 Very well organized race with a great post race breakfast and wonderful Swag! 

Q. Future running goals? 
 To run as long as my body will allow. 

Q. Best running accomplishment?
 Three marathons, iron girl triathlon, Disney’s Dopey challenge and 38 half marathons. 

Q. Anything else you would like us to list on the website - brag about yourself!
I am a huge Disney fan and have completed 31 RunDisney races since 2012. 



Karen Davis


Q. Where are you from?

I am from Yorkville, NY (Utica area)

Q. How long have you been running? 

I have been running since high school (early 90's), however I really got into running in 2001 when I completed my 1st Boilermaker 15k and have never looked back.  I completed my 1st Half Marathon in Sept. 2004 in Lake Placid and instantly fell in love with this distance.

Q. Favorite race memory?

My favorite race memory would have to be the "Blizzard Run" of 2016.  Only in Upstate, NY can you run in a blizzard in April.  This race was the hardest I have ever done and it taught me that if I can run in these conditions, which only got worse as the race went on, I could do anything.

Q. Why do I keep coming back?

 Great question...The easy answer...peer pressure....and the race swag.....LOL.   I have an amazing group of friends that I run with.  This group has expanded over the years, with some coming and some going for many different reasons.  However, the one constant is friends (that are like family) that constantly remind me why I run and how cool it is to be one of the first people to compete in this race.  By year 3 and every year since, they always remind me that I have to keep going and see how long I can keep this streak going.  So here I am 10 years later and I'm pretty sure I'll  be back next year too.

Q.  Future running goals?

I just want to be able to keep on running.   Running is my go to stress reliever and any day that I can run is a good day.

Q. Best running accomplishment?

My best running accomplishment would have to be completing my first ever marathon in 2011.  I ran the inaugural Empire State Marathon.  I then followed this up with my second and last marathon in 2013 at the Wineglass Marathon in Corning.  In total since 2001, I have completed 20 Boilermaker 15k's,  26 Half Marathons (This race will be #27 followed by #28 a week later at Earth Day)  2 Marathons,  2 10k's (The best one being in Washington, DC as part of the Marine Corps Marathon Weekend) and way too many 5k's to count.  





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