Sign up for the Leaderboard here! Want to join the Leaderboard? Purchase a Pod for $25.00 at Fleet Feet Sports, Syracuse and then sign up here to join the Leaderboard!


All winners can stop in to Fleet Feet Sports in Dewitt to pick up your prize.  Congratulations to all runners who competed in the Milestone Challenge. Stay tuned for another training challenge in the near future!!

10/30-11/5:    The Weekday: Log the most miles between Monday and Friday

Winner – Alan Brown

10/23-10/29:  The Brown Bagger: Log the most sessions between 11am and 2 pm
Winner – Terrilynne Speight

10/16-10/22:  The Speed Demons: Clock the fastest average pace

Oct 9-15: Challenge: The Night Owl –  Runner with the most miles between 6pm and 6 am will win a Fleet Feet knit pom pom winter hat!

Winner -Alan Brown with 35.7 miiles

Oct 2-Oct 8: The Cadence Commander. The person with a cadence closest to 180 steps per minute will win an Asics Duffle Bag!!

Winner – Carlene Hoffman with an average cadence of 182

Sept 25-Oct 1: The Rockette Challenge.  The runner with the highest average leg swing will win a Nathan 2-Bottle Hydration Belt and 3Run5 Buff. 

Winner – Leia Stickles

Sept 18-Sept 24: The CEO (Chief Endurance Officer) Log the most hours of running (duration) over the week and qualify to win a FlexShot water bottleTriggerpoint MB1 massage ball and a pair of lock laces!

Winner –  Alan Brown 10:10 and runner up Terri Speight 8:09

Sept 11-Sept 17: The Early Riser. Log the most sessions starting between 4:00 am and 10:00 am and qualify to win a pair of Goodr Sunglasses!

Winner – Deb Demming


The Syracuse Half Marathon Training Challenges presented by Fleet Feet Sports and powered by Milestone Sports

Training for the Syracuse Half Marathon has begun. Why not use all those logged miles for a chance to win prizes!?  We’re excited to introduce the Syracuse Half Marathon Leaderboard to you!!

Not only are you training, gaming and having fun but you’re getting great insight beyond just mileage and pace – helpful information like cadence, foot strike, run efficiency and more! You can also use the Leaderboard to track your progress against other participating Syracuse Half runners-in-training, or to challenge your friends and follow each other’s progress all training season!

The leaderboard is live and the first challenges start Sept 4th so make sure your MilestonePod is synced and ready to go!

If you already have a MilestonePod, sign up for the Syracuse Half Marathon Leaderboad here. If you need to get a pod, stop in to Fleet Feet Sports  in Dewitt or Clay to pick one up for $25.00 and then sign up for the Leaderboard. You can join the Syracuse Half Marathon Challenges and Leaderboard at anytime up until race day.


What is the Syracuse Half Marathon Challenges and Leaderboard?

We want our runners to have fun while training for the Syracuse Half Marathon!  We have partnered with Fleet Feet and Milestone Sports to create a leaderboard for our website to help you track your training and have fun along the way!

Each week we will have a different challenge that all participants on the Leaderboard are eligible for. The challenges might be who logged the most miles during lunch hour for the week or who had an average cadence closest to 180 steps per minute. There will be a winner each week.

Challenges will be announced on social media, and on the Leaderboard. Challenge results will be based on the stats you accumulate from Monday – Sunday.


What is a MilestonePod?

MilestonePod is like a portable run lab. This lightweight and easy shoe sensor gives you in-depth run and gait analysis so you can improve your running efficiency over time. MilestonePod is a great supplement to your GPS watch or Phone App because you get unique foot-based metrics too! Learn more about MilestonePod here